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Hello world!

Parents come in all shapes and sizes, all ages and walks of life. We have different backgrounds and experiences. Some are single moms/dads, some have 1 child others have 5 or more! Some waited until they had a career and travelled the world, others started families very young.

Regardless, these parents have kids who are going through similar experiences and we parents can come together and help one another to raise these kiddos.  They say “it takes a village to raise a child” and I agree. As a single mom for years, who left an abusive relationship, I’ve seen first hand how God takes care of us and sends angels our way to deliver what it is we are needing at that time.  Maybe it’s a friend who will listen when we need it, or the right idea of what to say at that moment when your child needs you.  Maybe it’s the answer of how you are going to make ends meet, or how you’ll juggle all the demands you have pressing on you at that moment.

My kids are teen girls and a elementary school boy. I won’t use their names, in order to protect their privacy, but will share experiences of how we’ve dealt with different situations as they’ve come up.  I don’t think we ever have this stuff figured out, no matter how smart we are, or how much time we waited, but we learn as we go!

I’m currently going to school to get my BA in Communication and Public Relations.  This is my first blogging experience, so Hello World!


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