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Ever feel like your in a cycle of invisibility? I’m learning about invisible labor in my women’s studies class. It’s basically work that is done that goes unnoticed and we don’t get paid for or sometimes appreciated or recognized. Sound familiar?

Ya, much of a mom’s labor is invisible it seems!

Schooling doesn’t produce income, so it’s invisible to society. Same as raising a family, cleaning, cooking, driving people around, caring for the daily needs of people. It even seems like our husbands don’t notice us or give us the attention we want, sometimes.

So, I was in a funk the other day. I guess it had lasted a while. School group work along with my family obligations have just been stressing me out! It seems like people are constantly pulling at me, and I can’t seem to get a mental break. Shoot, I don’t exercise anymore, all my free time is caring for people or doing homework, it seems.

Well, I was in my car and I heard a song by Kelly Clarkson that snapped me back to happy

Listen to it now 🙂

She talks about catching her breath, letting things go, turning her cheek and not letting people hold her back- making the time for things that matter. See the beauty in everything! Live for now! Don’t worry what people say/do…

So, I wanted to share some ideas with my readers about how you can let things go and let go of that stress, ’cause life is too short to be always stressed out!

At a recent onlline training from EOP at SJSU about stress management, they shared some strategies to deal w/things as they come up.

Listening to music can totally shift your perspective! I love this method..

Praying/meditating is another way….(usually stress comes from things out of your control- give it to God)

Write your ideas down, get it out- keep a journal

Eat at regular times, especially breakfast & EXERCISE! (stress can cause the body to store fat and make us feel tired)

Look for positives… find something good in the person/situation and limit negative self talk

Designate time/space for work so you can live in the NOW. Focus on better time/energy management

Talk to someone you trust – this can make all the difference!

Do something nice for yourself EVERYDAY- I love this one, and try not to make it food

Remember, this is your life. Stuff is going to happen, changes, pressures, deadlines, disagreements- sometimes all at once. Remember to think before reacting, ask can I control this situation? Find a positive reaction/perspective of the situation.

And Live! We can’t waste our time letting others bring us down 🙂  You’re wonderful! God loves you! You have all you need and things are going to work out just fine! Enjoy life and the people you love.  Try out one strategy listed above, take a deep breath, picture yourself somewhere happy or surround yourself in beauty (I like plants and trees and hills) and smile.  We’ll get through all this stuff 🙂 step by step- meanwhile there is so much good going on!

Want more helpful ideas? Go to:

helpguide.org for more stress management ideas

sleepfoundation.org  if you’re having a hard time sleeping

choosemyplate.gov or eating right.org for nutrition information

acsm.org or fitness.gov for sports med and fitness information for beginners on up

Christianscience.com for spiritual ideas and testimonies to deal with anything

Dale Carnegie wrote an awesome book called- How to stop worrying and start living!


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